This is the main landing page for a group of sites I own. There's not a lot here, because I am intending on using this site in the future. For now, you can visit my main site which is mostly focused on software development :^


I've developed an app that allows you to :

  • Never memorize a password again.
  • Never type a password again.
  • Never memorize a password again.

The app runs on iPhones & iPads, Android devices, Windows desktops and runs as a web app. You can see it at :^

Android Development

I also do Android development and have written a book for beginner's who want to learn how to write their own Android apps. You can see more about it or purchase it at Amazon.

Crafting Software

I'm currently (05/16/2017) working on a book that describes a process for Software Development. I'm posting chapters as a blog so you can read it at :^

Check out my software development at my main site:^

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